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Full Name: Alan Sarmiento Villaverde

Location: Union City, CA, USA

E-mail: asv216©


Full Name: Alexis Thompson

E-mail: alexis©


Full Name: Amado Almoro San Mateo

Location: Makati City

Home: 896-2205

Mobile: 0916-3851827

E-mail: asanmateo©


Full Name: Amelia Almoro-Alvarez

Job Title: Attorney

Location: BF Homes, Parañaque; Metro Manila

Home: (632) 825-3240

E-mail: almoro_alvarez©


Full Name: Amihan Pitogo San Mateo

Company: Aventis

E-mail: amie.san_mateo©


Full Name: Amor SM Velarde

E-mail: amorsmv2004©


Full Name: Amparo Almoro-Austria

Location: Muntinglupa City, Philippines

Home: (632) 807-6636

E-mail: lolaaust©

E-mail 2: lolafay©


Full Name: Ana Damoco-Almoro

Location: Baguio City, Philippines

Mobile: (0916) 474-8908

E-mail: ana_080859©


Full Name: Andrew Steven V. Sarmiento

Mobile: (0917) 457-2211

E-mail: drewsar©


Full Name: Angelina Sarmiento-Villaverde

Location: Anaheim, California, USA

Home: +001- (714) 991-3568


Full Name: Angelito Berroya San Mateo

E-mail: angelitosanmateo©


Full Name: Angelito "Angel" Inocentes Almor

Business Address: LAMCOR, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Business : (049) 5411391~94

Residence: (049) 5411852

Mobile: (0919) 398-0911

E-mail: angel.almoro©


Full Name: Antonio Almoro Sarmiento Jr.

Location: Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Business: (632) 631-8755

Business 2: (632) 681-5493 /4

Home: (632) 638-1225


Full Name: Araceli Almoro Dela Cruz

Location: California, USA

E-mail: aracelidelacruz©


Full Name: Arnold Almoro Alvarez

Location: BF Homes, Parañaque

Home: (632) 825-3240

E-mail: aaarez©gmail. com



Full Name: Augusto Almoro Sarmiento

Location: Sampaloc, Manila 1008

Home: (632) 780-6932


Full Name: Budeng Tesoro

E-mail: budengtesoro©


Full Name: Carmina Catuar

Company: Invitrogen

E-mail: carmina.catuar©


Full Name: Casey Oblena Villaverde

E-mail: cov1204©


Full Name: Casey Sarmiento Villaverde

Job Title: Je" or "Che-Che"

E-mail: csvillaverde©


Full Name: Cecilia Villa Almoro-CalOrtiz

Location: Union City, CA, USA

Home: 001-510-4716-201

E-mail: cecifi2002mx©


Full Name: Charlene Almoro Respicio

E-mail: charlenerespicio©


Full Name: Conrado Burgos Almoro, Jr.

Location: Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

Home: (043) 756-1273

Mobile: (0917) 731-7535

E-mail: khinoyjun©


Full Name: Cynthia SM Jacob

E-mail: jacobjoysm©


Full Name: Danella Damoco Almoro

Home: 545-0314

Mobile: (0916) 474-8908

E-mail: chinese_gurl007©


Full Name: Diana Lourdes Damoco Almoro

Location: Baguio City, Philippines

Mobile: (0917) 613-4296

E-mail: burautos©


Full Name: Edna Rose Villanueva-Sarmiento

Home: (632) 746-5075

E-mail: ervsnspices@


Full Name: Eleanor A. Heyser

E-mail: heyserjc©


Full Name: Eleanor Bautista Almoro

Location: Las Pinas City, Philippines

Business: 5274290 (Healthpoint P. Faura)

Home: (632) 4719493

Mobile: (09178267071

Business Fax: 5260964

E-mail: almoromd©


Full Name: Elgene Bautista Almoro

Location: Pasay City

Home: (632) 831-5172

Mobile: (0919) 530-7966

E-mail: drelgene©


Full Name: Ellen Clemente Almoro

Business Location: Letran-Calamba Laguna

Business: (049) 545-2939

E-mail: commdean©


Full Name: Elsa Almoro-Marfil

Home: 5115062


Full Name: Enrique Villarin Almoro

E-mail: ikea727©


Full Name: Erlinda Tesoro-Buenafe

E-mail: budengtesoro©


Full Name: Estela Almoro Tesoro-Porter

Location: California, USA

E-mail: eporter©

Full Name: Evaline Joy Calapine Almoro

E-mail: joy.almoro©


Full Name: Evelyn Almoro Legaspi
Location: Oregon, USA
Telephone: 503-618-1434, cell 503 381-0403
E-mail: legaspi.evelyn©


Full Name: Farrah Almoro-Africa

Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila

Home: 887-3259

Mobile: (0918) 247-1508

E-mail: grlfriend_f©

E-mail 2: farrahafrica©


Full Name: Giovanni "Jon" Africa

Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila

Home: 887-3259

E-mail: august082000©


Full Name: Genalyn B. Almoro

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

E-mail: jalmoro©


Full Name: Georgene Austria

E-mail: gaustria©


Full Name: Grace Aclan Sarmiento

Location: California, USA

Business: (707) 428-6279

Home: (510) 326-0795

E-mail: jgsarmiento85©

E-mail 2: orange314©


Full Name: Heherson Almoro Respicio

E-mail: jampacks_29©


Full Name: Isagani A. Sarmiento

Location: California, USA

E-mail: isarmiento©


Full Name: Jesus Arre San Mateo

Company: Johnson & Johnson

E-mail: jsanmate©


Full Name: John Dominic SM Velarde

Company: De La Salle, Dasmarinas

E-mail: johndvelarde1985©


Full Name: John Paolo Santos

E-mail: shamanking_paolo©


Full Name: Jose Alfredo Villa Almoro

Business Address: San Miguel Rengo, Philippines

Business: (632) 826-5541 /45

Home: (049) 549-2182

Mobile: (0917) 841-9834

E-mail: jalmoro©


Full Name: Joseph Carlo Flores San Mateo

Company: Ateneo de Manila

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

Home: (632) 951-4150

E-mail: eropan.g.x©

E-mail 2: jcsanmat©


Full Name: Joseph Vincent Velarde

E-mail: datu64©


Full Name: Justpure Capili Almoro

Location: Tondo, Manila

Home: (632) 254-3238

E-mail: just_921988©


Full Name: Karen Catuar Quesada

Location: California, USA

Home: +001- (650) 294-2131

E-mail: karen©


Full Name: Lani Rose SM-Lahr

Job Title: Senior Research Scientist

Company: Centocor

E-mail: LSanMate©CNTUS.JNJ.COM


Full Name: Leilani Banaag Almoro-Lopez

Location: Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines

Home: (632) 696-8053

Mobile: (0919) 837-3033


Full Name: Leonardo David Almoro

Location: Baguio City, Philippines

Mobile: (0916) 474-8908


Full Name: Ma. Farrah Villaruel Almoro

Location: Pasay City, Philippines

Home: (632) 887-3259

Mobile: (0918) 247-1508

E-mail: grlfriend_f©


Full Name: Manuel Javier Almoro

Location: Canlubang, Laguna

Home: (049) 531-3020

E-mail: mjadjs©


Full Name: Manuel Lee

Home: (632) 734-2412

E-mail: manny616©


Full Name: Melendres Almoro-Howe

Business Address: Asian Development Bank

Makati City, Philippines

Business: (632) 632-5650

E-mail: mhowe©


Full Name: Michelangelo Almoro Lee

Job Title: Dentist

Location: Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines

Home: 049 5452139

Mobile: (0917) 627-5988

E-mail: im2bz©


Full Name: Percival Flavier Almoro

Job Title: PhD

Company: UPD Physics

Home Address: Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Home: (632) 433-3955

Mobile: (0919) 807-0477

E-mail: pfa91©


Full Name: Ruben Reyes Almoro, Jr.

Location: Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Home: (632) 911-4264

Mobile: (0917) 937-6332

E-mail: koohlet©


Full Name: Simoun Reyes Almoro

Business Location: Legaspi Village, Makati City

Home: 892-5705

Mobile: 0929-5264286

Other: 09175311880

E-mail: sralmoro©


Full Name: Titony Lazaro Sarmiento

E-mail: kkbkb_kb©

Mobile: (0916) 392 8681


Name: Wilbert Jay Almoro

Location: Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Home Phone: +1-604-421-2681

Email: wilbertjay©


Full Name: Yolanda Almoro Lee

Location: Pasay City

Home: (632) 844-7789

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