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First Planning Meeting (August 20, 2006):

Second Planning Meeting (October 15, 2006)

Third Planning Meeting (November 18, 2006)

Old Photographs:

In the picture “Project0(PlsIDENTIFY)” -

(1) Conchita David-Almoro, sister-in-law of Ate FAYE Suagao Almoro-Austria

(2) Baby “Boyet” held by mother Juliana Suagao Almoro-Sarmiento

(3) Baby Boyet is now Dr. ISAGANI ALMORO SARMIENTO who spoke at our First Meeting Juliana was one of the two elder sisters of Ate FAYE Suagao Almoro-Austria, the other was my Mom Cresenciana Suagao Almoro-San Mateo, their eldest sibling. (You will find all three sisters seated together in Picture C Left Side.)

(9) Lolo MADZ, 14 years old

(10) Arsenia TRIBO. daughter of LUIS ALMORO TRIBO

(12) “Senia”, my first cousin is now Mrs. Arsenia Tribo-VERGARA; she resides in U.S. LUIS ALMORO TRIBO was one of only to children(both boys) of LOLA FELISA JOSE ALMORO, who was the only sister of LOLO MELCHOR, LOLO MILIO and LOLO JOSE(“Pepeng”)

(13) Linda Almoro San Mateo-Advincula, my younger sister Linda was the BRIDE in Picture C; her husband is Marte Macapagal Advincula. A graduate of St. Paul ’s College of Manila , she teaches in Canlubang, Laguna where husband “Mars”, a retired pilot of the Canlubang Sugar Estate is Barangay Captain.

(14) Rogelio Suagao Almoro (d. Oct.23, 2003, Canlubang, Laguna) – younger brother of Ate FAYE and next older brother to the youngest Reynaldo “ENNYBOY” Suagao Almoro whose family hosted our First Planning Meeting on Aug.20. “Ogie” is (23) in Picture C Right Side.

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