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Dear ALL !

As promised, our new Revised/Updated 5th Anniversary Edition of the giant ALMORO CLAN "Family Forest" is now available, thanks to the cooperation of our relatives who responded with their updates for their 'branches'.

As a result, many names before "unknown" have been identified and family events (births, weddings, interments) have been recorded.

But perhaps the biggest "achievement" if we may call it that is the "linking up" of ALL the many "branches" of our huge Almoro Clan. Time and space have separated these different branches and this proved to be a real challenge. The latest Version just completed is by no means the "last word", not only because a Family Tree must necessarily grow...but there is always room for corrections/additions based on latest information. May we invite everyone with relevant information to come forward and offer them in order to further refine the present state of our Family Forest. To them, we give credit for correcting whatever errors there may still be, for which I claim full blame.

As we started this joyous "labor of love" in memory of our forebears and dedicated to all our coming generations, we renew this dedication to our children and grandchildren so that they may know from whence they came and better appreciate our shared history as...FAMILY !

Notice: Due to security & privacy concerns, we have removed the copy of the Almoro Family Tree from this website. We will however send a full copy to any clan member (via email) upon request. To get a free copy please contact:

Amado "Lolo MADZ" Almoro San Mateo

Email:, Landline: (632) 896-2205, Cell # 0916 385182 or

Renato "Tito NATZ" Arre San Mateo

Email:, Cell # 0928 7766677


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